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You will not find another DUI & Defensive Driving School like ours anywhere in Georgia! We have set the highest standard for any traffic school. Compare, and you will see…


1 ACT DUI, & Defensive Driving School has set the highest standards for a traffic school anywhere in the State of Georgia. There are approximately 270 DUI, and Defensive Driving Schools in Georgia. No other DUI, and Defensive Driving school can compare to us when it comes to welcoming our clients with incredible service, gourmet lunches (DUI classes only), snacks, some of the best coffee in Atlanta, free Wi-Fi, and amazingly friendly 7 days/nights a week phone service. All included with any DUI or Defensive Driving registrations. Served in a noticeably clean, and upscale facility. The Department of Driver Services(DDS) sets the fees for all DUI, and Defensive Driving schools in Georgia, so why not enroll with 1 ACT DUI, & Defensive Driving School, and get the first class service you deserve.