What are your prices?

1 ACT Driving Schools charges $360 for the DUI/risk reduction course and $95 for the defensive driving/driver improvement course.  These fees are set and mandated by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).

If you are taking the defensive driving/driver improvement course for insurance premium reduction ONLY, we are allowed to charge less than $95.  However, if you pay less than $95, the certificate you will receive will not be applicable to point reduction, court requirements, or license reinstatement. The Georgia Department of Driver Services allows us to reduce the price for the defensive driving class taken to ONLY reduce insurance premiums. Please call for more information.

Our behind the wheel driving lessons are set with the LOWEST hourly rates in Georgia. The prices depend on how many hours you purchase. Click here for driving lesson prices. We also charge the lowest rates for our online driver’s education course and our classroom driver’s education course. We encourage you to look around at other schools so that you can see that we are being serious about offering you the lowest price for the highest quality service.

*1 ACT Driving Schools reserves the right to change our prices for driving lessons and driver’s education classes at any time and does not guarantee that we will honor previous prices after prices have changed.

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