My lawyer told me I need to complete a clinical evaluation. What is that referring to, and do you offer this?

Georgia law requires anyone that has been charged with a DUI or other drug-related charges to complete a clinical evaluation (often called a “Drug and Alcohol evaluation” or a “substance abuse evaluation”) with a state-approved counselor. Each evaluation will last up to one hour.

We offer clinical evaluations on-site through Choice Counseling Centers. These can either be scheduled or completed over your lunch break during class if you request an evaluation in advance.

A message from Choice Counseling Centers:

“We pride ourselves in bringing you the best team of professionals by offering Counseling and clinical Evaluation. All of our counselors are licensed by the State of Georgia and have extensive experience working with a broad range of issues.

Choice Counseling Centers are certified to offer State/DHR approved Drug and Alcohol Evaluations for both first-time DUI offenders and Multiple Offenders. Choice Counseling Centers are also approved to facilitate ASAM Level 1 Treatment Classes in several locations.  Anyone with DUI in the state of Georgia must take a Clinical Evaluation. State minimum for a first-time DUI Clinical Evaluation at $110. Lowest allowed by law.

Clinical Evaluation is a one on one session between the DHR approved substance abuse professional and you. If you are charged with DUI, Reckless Driving, Possession, or BUI, you may be required to complete an evaluation by court, probation, or your attorney. This confidential meeting could take up to an hour in the Choice Counseling facilities, with accommodations 7 days a week.”

Choice Counseling is a team of diversely educated professionals committee to fostering personal growth and change in the lives of individuals.

Rebecca Payne: ICADC, CHT

Dr. Sia Parr: D.C., CIT

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