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Joshua's Law

Are you familiar with Joshua's Law?

Joshua's Law Information for Parents of Teen Drivers in Roswell, Georgia

In 2003, a young boy named Joshua Brown died in a car accident. He was driving in the rain, hit a large puddle of water, hydroplaned, and crashed straight into a tree. He died a seven days later. After this accident, his parents began a push for stronger driving safety laws to prevent other people from losing loved ones or their own lives in car accidents. The Browns recognized that Joshua had no idea what to do in this scenario, as he never had any driving law education when he started driving. Had he known how to maintain control of his car after hitting the puddle, he may have had a better chance at survival.

Four years later in 2005, the Browns managed to get Senate Bill 226 (also known as Joshua's Law) to impose new requirements on teenage drivers. These requirements were designed to ensure that EVERYONE maintains a good understanding of Georgia driving laws and keep the roads safer. Joshua's Law requires adequate information for teen drivers to make sure teens are prepared for any driving situation and ideally, protect themselves from harm.

What is Joshua's Law?
Senate Bill 226, also known as "Joshua's Law," was passed during the 2005 General Assembly. Beginning January 1, 2007, all 16 year olds applying for a Class D driver's license must complete an approved 30 hour driver's education course, complete 6 hours of behind the wheel driving lessons with a certified driver's training program, and complete a total of 40 hours of supervised driving, 6 hours of which must be at night, with a parent or guardian's sworn verification that these requirements have been met. Any Georgia resident who has not completed an approved driver education course must be at least 17 years old to be eligible for a Class D driver's license. He or she must have completed a total of at least 40 hours of supervised driving, including at least 6 hours at night. The same verification in writing by a parent or guardian is required.

If my child is 17, does Joshua's Law still apply?
If you are 17 or will be getting your license at 17, you do not have to take the 30 hour driver's education course or 6 hours of lessons with a certified driver's training program.; however, they must have 40 hours of supervised driving practice (6 of which must be at night).

What if my child just moved in to the state of Georgia?
Any 16 year old must have taken an approved 30-hour driver's education course and have completed 6 hours of behind the wheel driving lessons with a certified driver's training program to be issued a license in Georgia. If you have taken a course out of state please contact  the Georgia DDS.

If your teen has not completed an approved driver's education course or taken 6 hours of behind the wheel driving lessons with a certified driver's training program, they cannot get their Class D driver's license until they reach age seventeen (17). Remember, forty (40) hour of driving experience, including six (6) hours of driving at night, is always required to receive any driver's license.

For more Joshua's Law information, visit the Georgia DDS website.

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