Insurance Reduction

DDS Certified 3-Year Insurance Premium Reduction Class


Did you know?

Taking a 6-hour defensive driving class could give you a minimum of a 10% discount on your insurance premium! 

Individuals 25 years of age or older, who have a clean driving record for the previous three years and take the six-hour program shall be eligible, pursuant to O.C.G.A. 33-9-42, to obtain not less than a 10% discount on their automobile insurance premium. This discount is valid for the next three years. Often couples, who are the two named drivers on an insurance policy, will take this program together to qualify for the joint insurance discount. Please also call your insurance agent to verify.

We can help lower your insurance!

We work with many private companies, both in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Most companies have a requirement that their employees, who operate a company vehicle or their own vehicle on behalf of their company, take this course once a year or once every three years to meet company policy and be eligible for lower insurance rates.

You’ll have the discount for 3 years, and after those 3 years, you can take the class and get the discount all over again! Call your insurance company to find out what the discount will be and to ensure that you will get the discount for taking the class. Click here to register.