Chick-fil-A Manager Loses Life in DUI Accident

by Monica Ruechel

Once again, I am here to write about a recent DUI accident near the Atlanta area. Unfortunately, this one is less entertaining than our bus driver DUI post from last week. This week, I’m writing about the worst outcome of driving under the influence.

31-year-old Chick-fil-A manager, Chase Chapman, drove to work last Saturday morning and a man driving under the influence T-boned Chapman at an intersection. The police arrested the man immediately, but unfortunately, this does not undo the damage done to Chase’s life. Chase died during the accident.

Chase’s father, Carl E. Chapman, is no stranger to losing someone to a drink driver. He lost his mother to a drunk driver in 1984 in what he said was “almost the exact same kind of incident” (qtd. in O’Brien). He started a GoFundMe to raise money for his grandson (Chase’s son), and has currently raised over $27,000. Oh yeah—Chase had a 6-year-old son. This sweet, six year old boy lost his father in one of the worst ways possible.  According to Chapman, Chase’s Howell Mill Chick-fil-A family sincerely misses Chase, as do their regular customers. Chase provided a light in the lives of many, and the world will not be as bright of a place without him.

Important Note:

 This Friday kicks off Labor Day weekend. We know this weekend will be filled with cookouts, parties, family, and plenty of alcohol. Everyone here at 1 ACT Driving Schools asks you to be aware of your state when you leave your festivities and do not drive under the influence. You may have a fun day and not have a care in the world, but your decisions could take a life this weekend. Pick a designated driver, call an Uber, or simply don’t drink. Whatever you do, please make the decision to drive sober, and safely enjoy your holiday weekend. We wish you a safe Labor Day weekend, and hope you remain aware of your decisions throughout the holiday festivities.


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