Drunk People Do The Darndest Things…

Here's a few mini drunk stories to brighten up your day and one to sober up your day. As far as I know, none of these first three stories resulted in a DUI but that doesn't mean they couldn't have!

In Loganville, Ga, a couple was arrested outside of a Waffle House for public intoxication and for getting busy (SHOCKER!) inside their parked car. The woman was so drunk she tried to put a cheeseburger on her foot as a shoe.

drunk alligator

A new study shows that alligators are in fact VERY dangerous even if you are VERY DRUNK. If only this study had been completed before one Australia man decided to party with an alligator while drunk... (Source: Me.me)

In Australia, there was a man who, after getting kicked out of the pub, decided to go to the zoo. Once there, he felt compelled to ride one of the alligators. This man jumped into the enclosure and attempted to ride one. Unfortunately for him, the gator wasn’t too happy about it and took out a large hunk of his leg.

In Florida, one man went on a rampage in a WalMart on one of their motorized scooters. He stole a beer and drank it while driving around the store, knocking items off the shelves on purpose. If only that were on film…

Luckily, none of these people were driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. It’s easy to see with these short stories above how alcohol can affect your impairment. I certainly would be embarrassed if I were so drunk I thought wearing a hamburger on my foot constituted as footwear. We all make mistakes, however, and many people who are intoxicated get behind the wheel and drive, sometimes resulting in a DUI and sometimes resulting in even worse like an accident or death. Not only are you putting yourself in danger but also the people around you.

I'd like to end on this note. Here's a story of a woman who got behind the wheel and ended up with a DUI and a smashed up car. Thankfully no one was injured. Josette Young, a Kansas City police officer, was arrested and charged with a DUI while driving her unmarked police car. (OMG) Witnesses say they say Young cross over the median, skid through the lanes going in the opposite direction and crash to a stop on the shoulder. When police arrived, they tried to perform a field sobriety test on Young; she reportedly closed her eyes and refused to follow officer’s commands. She also refused to answer when asked if she understood her Miranda rights.

DUIs are a serious thing but we promise that if you’re court-ordered to take a DUI course, we’ll take good care of you and we may even have some fun along the way. So call us today or click here  to set up your course at 1 ACT Driving Schools.

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