ASAM 1 Brookhaven

ASAM Level 1 Treatment-Brookhaven, GA

After you complete your clinical/substance abuse evaluation, your evaluator may suggest further treatment, such as the ASAM 1 class.

This may also be a condition of your probation that must be completed before your probation can end. Don't worry - it's okay! You can come complete it in our cozy, welcoming facility with several amazing counselors. We'll make your treatment period fly by, and it'll be over before you know it! We guarantee that you'll actually end up missing seeing your counselor every week as well as the other members of your class. Realistically, you become somewhat of a little family throughout those few weeks, and that's the way we like it here at 1 ACT Driving Schools.

You can either be recommended for short term ASAM level 1 treatment (6-12 weeks) or long-term ASAM level 1 treatment (7 +).  The class will involve at least 2 drug screens, as well as an extra required meeting outside of the ASAM 1 group (e.g. AA, NA, or Celebrate Recovery). Either way, you can take every single class at our 1 ACT Driving Schools facility.

We offer several class options for the ASAM 1 treatment program at our Sandy Springs and Lawrenceville locations. Call 1 ACT Driving Schools at (770) 274-4223 for pricing and availability, as it differs between the locations! You can also call us for any questions you have, and we will answer to the best of our ability. If there's anything that we can't answer, we'll make sure to refer you to the right person so you're not left with any questions on your mind.

We know this seems like a lot to handle, but we promise we'll make this process go as smoothly as possible for you. You'll be done before you know it! We look forward to seeing you!


For more information on the ASAM level 1 treatment or other programs offered by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, click here.