About Us

We are 1 ACT Driving Schools, and are very grateful that you’ve chosen to take the time to learn about us. We were founded in 2011 and now have two locations around the city of Atlanta: one in Sandy Springs and one in Lawrenceville (2 NEW locations coming soon in Marietta and Doraville!) Our philosophy is that service matters most, and we work hard to ensure that that philosophy spills over into every aspect of our school.

From the second you walk into 1 ACT Driving Schools, you receive service unparalleled by any other traffic school in the state of Georgia. You’re greeted with a fresh cup of coffee and a smile. When you call, we make sure to give you 100% of our attention and listen. You can feel a difference between 1 ACT Driving Schools and other traffic schools. The reason we have not opened up many locations around Georgia is because we believe that quality matters more than quantity. We would much prefer to put countless hours of work into improving the quality of our service rather than opening up many locations across the Atlanta area.

People often think that because you are required to take a defensive driving course or a DUI/risk reduction course, that service does not matter. I mean you have to take it anyways, so why expect good service, right? Wrong. Customer service is what matters most to us, and should matter most to other traffic schools. We understand that you may be contacting us under unfortunate circumstances, ranging from minor traffic offenses that require a 6-hour defensive driving class to other charges requiring the dreaded 20-hour risk reduction/DUI course. That’s why we put you first. We work to make you as comfortable as we can in a friendly, welcoming environment to make those classes breeze by.

Did you know that if you don't need to take defensive driving for court, point removal, or anything having to do with a ticket, a driving school can charge you less than the full price of $95? You do now! The DDS allows driving schools to charge less for people taking the class for insurance reduction ONLY. If you aren't taking the class for any reason other than lowering your car insurance, we'll only charge you $47 for the class when you come in! Other schools will still make you pay $95 for the class, but we'll let you take the same state-certified defensive driving class for only $47!

Our service does not just stop there. We charge the lowest flat rates for behind the wheel driving lessons in the state of Georgia. We include FREE pick up and drop off within a 15 mile radius of either of our locations with ALL of our driving lesson packages. We invite you to compare our prices to those of other schools to see for yourself! Our road test packages are great as well--you get an hour of practice before your road test AND we drive you to and from your road test so you can take your road test in our cars with our valid car insurance. You get the best deal with that package. We also offer the cheapest packages for driver's education classes so that your teen can get their driver's education and at least 6 hours of behind the wheel driving lessons with a certified school for the lowest prices. If you don't want them to take their driving lessons with us, that's okay! We charge the lowest price for in-class driver's education AND the lowest price for online driver's education.  We will give you the best service possible service and the lowest possible prices no matter what.

You can reach us at any time! Email us at info@1actdrivingschools.com and we will reply within 24 hours. Call us at (770) 274-4223 between 8 am and 9 pm and someone will always be there to take your call. Text us at (678) 541-8538 24/7 and we will reply immediately. We truly want to help you as much as we can whenever we can, so please reach out to us!

The bottom line is that you will not find service of this caliber at any other traffic school in the State of Georgia. We invite you to contact us and ask us questions, as we will take the time to answer every single question whenever you ask. We genuinely want to hear from you, and can't wait to see you at 1 ACT Driving Schools!