10 FUNNIEST Driving Memes

by Monica Ruechel

Driving memes: the epitome of modern driving school humor. In the hopes of appealing to a younger group of people and well…anyone with a sense of humor, I decided to compile a list of my FAVORITE driving memes that I know ALL drivers (especially Atlanta drivers) will understand. Here’s the 1 ACT Driving Schools list of the top 10 best driving memes


This is an example of pacing, which is VERY inconsiderate to do on the roads! Think about it: you could end up in the other driver’s blind spot, causing an accident. I’ve made it a habit to slow down when someone is desperately trying to pass me because it’s safer for me, safer for them, and it’s just nice in general. People like this are the root of many traffic jams!



Source: Step Feed

This is a guy I KNOW none of us love. One of my general rules of thumb is not to get in front of a driver who is clearly driving faster than I am. It’s common courtesy and it’s safe, since you’re not forcing the driver to brake too quickly. When you’re checking your side mirrors, if you’re going to have to speed up to get in front of someone or you can see them going faster than you, just don’t pass them—don’t be this guy. Like the lady in the previous meme, this guy is another cause of traffic jams daily.

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This image was captured in LA, but if it weren’t for the road sign, I would swear I was looking at good ol’ ATL. I can testify to the fact that it’s ALWAYS helpful to know back roads, because between hourly accidents and endless roadwork, you can NEVER predict Atlanta traffic patterns. I know back roads from every exit on my route to the office so I’m prepared for anything. Little life-hack for new ATLiens: know the city streets like the back of your hand, because Atlanta traffic is NEVER on your side.




Source: REBRN

THIS is something we can all relate to! How many of you have ever been cut off by a driver trying to squeeze into that tiny spot in front of you? I know I have MANY times. Quite frankly, it’s unsafe and you shouldn’t do it. You always need to leave space in between your car and the car in front of you to prevent accidents. The fact presented in this meme is mind blowing to many!


I’ll admit that I’m guilty of being on both sides of this, and I know many readers are as well. I’ve definitely given other drivers this look to let them know that their speeding up did nothing, and I’ve definitely endured feeling someone’s gaze on me after I’ve unsuccessfully beat traffic. On the other hand, at least us wanna-be racecar drivers aren’t driving through red lights!

Source: Jokideo.com


I take I-75 to I-285 to work every day, and every day I have to plan my morning commute down to the minute because this is my reality. I’m sure many of you can relate. You leave at one time and get to your destination in 30 minutes, but if you leave a minute later, you should expect your commute to be 55-60 minutes long altogether. At least we have apps like Waze to let us know what time we should leave in the morning to make commute-planning an easier task!



This is more of a cartoon than a meme, but since we live in Atlanta where the city feels as if it’s appropriate to do road work seven days a week at all hours, I felt that this was appropriate. I understand the need to build bridges and fix various areas of the interstate system that are falling apart. What I don’t understand why it took me over an hour to drive to the airport going from I-75 to I-285 at 11 am on a Saturday! PLEASE do us Atlanta commuters a favor and give us the weekend off from our rush hour traffic.


Source: Lisa Andrews

Here’s a rare, never-before-seen photo of your favorite office manager reacting to #1 on my list of the 10 Most Annoying Driving Habits: not using a turn signal (https://www.1statlantaduischool.com/10-annoying-driving-habits/). ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is flick your pinky up or down, and other drivers know where you’re trying to go. It’s not rocket science, and it can prevent major accidents.

Source: Quick Meme


No explanation is necessary because this one speaks for itself.




Source: CHEEZburger

I included this one because a) it’s the Joker, and b) this is also on my list of the 10 Most Annoying Driving Habits (https://www.1statlantaduischool.com/10-annoying-driving-habits/). The left lane is the passing lane ONLY so you shouldn’t drive slowly in it anyways, but Georgia highways have signs everywhere reminding slower traffic to keep left. This thought goes through my head daily, and I’m sure most of you can relate!


I hope you found my top 10 list to be as funny as I found it. Some of these were so accurate and applicable to our defensive driving curriculum that I’m tempted to have my instructors include them in their teaching!

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As always, we hope you enjoyed this brief post and can promise we’ll continue bringing driving humor into your life! After all, traffic school is boring, so we might as well try and make it entertaining.

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